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28 December 2012 @ 02:27 am
i don't have much to say, just a few stupid doodles to post.


i love bo, and i can relate with him a lot. especially lately. he's dim-witted and clumsy. even when he means well, he usually messes everything up somehow. he's perfectly imperfect.

whim was the only one he had. i'm sure there were probably others who tolerated him, but whim was a true friend. he genuinely cared about bo, and bo's flaws didn't bother him. maybe they frustrated him at times.. probably did! but he understood bo. he looked out for him. stood up for him. was always there for him.

even though bo is with the pirates now, i wonder if he still gets lonely sometimes. i'm sure he must think about whim a lot and feel sad. maybe he even cries. i mean, even though he's surrounded by new friends, none of them are or will ever be whim. i don't mean that in a depressing way. bo doesn't seem like a sad character. i think he prefers to look on the bright side.

still, i'm sure the pain of losing whim is still there. nobody will probably ever understand bo like whim did, or love him like whim did. they shared a special connection. and i wonder if whim hurts too. maybe he cries too sometimes. even though he still looks out for bo, nothing is or will ever be the same again.

bo's story really touches me. even just thinking about it makes me tear up. i don't draw him often, but he's definitely one of my favourite pirates. i wonder if jim is even aware just how much of an impact his creations have on other people. they're beautiful.

anyhoo, i doodled this because i've been feeling pretty lousy, and i was listening to this song earlier which me a lot of these characters. whim has no arms because arms are too hard for me to draw.

then there's this monstrosity:


...what a horrible mess. i can't draw bodies at all. i've been wanting to put together a ref sheet for jo, but i kinda have to be able to draw her before i do that. she's really difficult for me. everything about her is hard! stuff i'm not familiar with drawing. fat, boobs, hair... eugh. i guess i'll just have to keep trying. i love this character too much to just throw her away. which is funny, because i hate myself and jolee is supposed to be me hahaha..