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10 December 2012 @ 04:29 am
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been burnt out from the holidays and haven't had much of a desire to draw. my mind keeps thinking up ideas, but i just can't find the motivation to put pencil to paper. or, uh, stylus to tablet, in my case.

looking back, i'm actually pretty impressed with how much i've drawn this year. it seems i hardly drew at all last year. i hope 2013 will be also be a productive year for me, art wise. that is, if the world doesn't end!

i'm sure once things around my house have calmed down a bit i'll find the desire to draw again. just gotta be patient. i don't want to force myself and get all frustrated. that's the worst.

here are some icky things i've doodled in the past few weeks.



blue jay

have a song, too