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23 November 2012 @ 10:49 pm
i am a capricorn and  

a few weeks ago i took an online enneagram test and it was really kind of.. mind-blowing just how accurate the results were. all i did was answer a few weird questions and BAM. it's like they were inside my brain!  i never used to put much stock into these kinds of things, but maybe there's something to them after all? though i know they aren't really the same, i've also been growing increasingly interested in numerology and astrology lately. my personal horoscope is almost always spot-on. kinda weird.

i've also noticed in my relationships with others, i can often guess their astrological sign before they even reveal it. there do seem to be patterns in the different sign's personalities. for example, i've found myself incredibly attracted to almost every virgo i've ever met, always before i was even aware they were virgos. they're always so charming!

and me - i'm a capricorn. pessimistic, overly-cautious at times, and always planning something in the back of my mind. people usually don't like me very much because i seem boring and aloof. i have trouble joking around unless i know a person fairly well! and even then, most people don't appreciate my sense of humour. emotions scare me. especially my own. which is a big reason why i'm always disappearing. i've been told before i can be really cold and distant at times, and i'm completely aware. i just don't really know how else to be. i'm definitely not a good person to go to when you need a shoulder to cry on haha. as much as i care and want to help, i'm never any good at it. uh, also i like money a lot. but i like spending it on others more than on myself. if you're sad i'll buy you a nice gift, but i probably wont be able to make you feel any better.

i dunno, i just find this stuff so fascinating. i know it's silly, but i don't even really care. also, i've hardly ever met any other capricorns online. i wonder why that is? maybe because a lot of them are like me and hide away!


anyway, i don't really have anything else to say, so i'll shut up. OH, but look at these digital.. paper.. snowflakes i've been making with this make-a-flake thing! it's my latest obsession haha. i can't seem to stop (yes i'm going to share a lot of them because i really like some of them and nobody else would care >:I):

crabmeatpagodajolts n boltscloaked devilsmashed daffodil iceflakeghoulishtribal

spider pattycakeoh

frozen landchilly

bowing bearded yetinervous laughing vampire

snowy villageoversized sweater dance

gather togethercrystalised


okay sorry i'll stop. i have tons more but i'm not going to waste album space by uploading all of them hahah. go make snowflakes and show me. i love them.

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